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La Rivière Jardin des Tuileries Paris France

Aristide Joseph Bonaventure Maillol, born Dec. 8, 1861, Banyuls-sur-Mer, France died Sept. 27, 1944, near Banyuls-sur-Mer was a French sculptor, painter, and printmaker. He was a painter and tapestry designer until he was almost 40, when eyestrain persuaded him to turn to sculpture. He rejected the highly emotional style of Auguste Rodin and attempted to preserve and purify the Classical sculpture of Greece and Rome. Most of his works depict the mature female form and are characterized by emotional restraint, clear composition, and serene surfaces. After 1910 he was internationally famous and never lacked commissions. He resumed painting later in life and produced excellent woodcut illustrations for fine editions of Latin poets, but he remained preeminently a sculptor.

Jardin des Tuilleries, Paris, France

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